Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wacky Weather: Africa Flooding

One of the biggest reasons I chose meteorology as a major and a career path is because I get bored with the same ol' song and dance, day in and day out. In meteorology you don't have to look far to find something interesting and if you do you know you have a mundane weather pattern or "nice" weather. Yes, I said it! Almost all meteorologist hate nice weather, because it makes our job easy and boring. Today is one of those days...

For this Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I am bring you to Africa. Many parts of Africa have seen the worst flooding in decades. Niger, Nigeria, and Cameroon have been the hardest hit. These countries are located in the North Western part of Africa. See in the map below.

It has been raining since July, and this excess rain and flooding is due to a very active monsoon. The West African Monsoon usually starts in June or July and continues until about September. However, this year's the monsoon has brought too much moisture and rain for the area to handle. Most of the rain has subsided and the clean up to this devastating flood begins. This flood has taken hundreds of people's lives and many more have lost homes and crops. Remember, that flooding and droughts are the most deadly natural phenomenon not tornadoes and hurricanes. 

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